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From Afar is a VR Puzzle Game in which the player finds himself as a hobby astrologer who tries to decipher star constellations by solving logic gate based puzzles.

Living in an old tower whose attic was modified and retrofitted with observatory equipment, the player continues his family’s legacy of rediscovering stars which disappeared from the sky trying to solve the deeper mystery involved.

One by one the player looks up lost star signs in an ancient book, challenging him to find the matching stars in the night sky.

By lifting up the retrofitted workstation and selecting the correct stars with his telescope he siphons a stardust probe into a cartridge, which acts as key to open the star signs puzzle.As he solves the puzzle, the awakened star sign floats to the sky and retakes it’s former place.

Install instructions

Game is designed to be played with oculus rift (release version).

VR Experience: Seated

Target Hardware:

- Oculus Rift (release version)

- Oculus Touch Controller

Please run the oculus app before starting the game to make sure sensors are set up and active.

Unzip the archive and run FromAfar

Important: To recenter your view in game click the motion controller joystick.


FROM AFAR.rar 429 MB

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